“Fun and enjoyment are at the core of what we do”

Stingrays Rugby Philosophy

Love for the game
To be passionate about rugby and the lessons it provides;


Treat all people fairly, respect the game and all involved.


We aim high and challenge ourselves through participation, enjoyment and inclusive participation.

We operate as a team at all times; and we accept responsibility as a whole.


To work with the wider rugby communities to improve rugby for everyone involved and strive to be increasingly inclusive to elements of the Hong Kong Community not traditionally drawn to rugby.

Stingrays Girls Section

Buddy Concept
We value the contributions of everyone involved and value the friendships that develop; and we treat all with respect.

It is clear girls and women want to play rugby and Sai Kung Stingrays is committed to providing opportunities for them and encouraging a lifelong love of the game.

We will aim to capitalise on the groundwork that has begun as a result of the previous structure and aim to develop specific inclusive developmental pathways for players at all levels to have opportunities to play, enjoy participation in, and succeed in rugby.

For women to succeed in rugby at any level, they need more opportunities to play. To deliver these opportunities for girls and women, SKS Girls’ section needs to be well supported and well-resourced.

Encourage Participation

Promote all girls to continue enjoyment elements (especially at the younger age);

Promote an inclusive attitude and language across the club to ensure inclusivity of all ability levels – understand the benefits of rugby are wide ranging and many are personality development regardless of competitive level of participation;

Share time and coaching opportunities to girls of all ability level to nurture both skills and also the ideology of participating for the love of the game;

Educate parents that rugby is truly a sport for all – gender and ability regardless;

Create female role models; incorporate U16 girls (upwards) in younger girls’ sessions;

Keep girls rugby based on FUN and develop the competitive element on top of this fundamental foundation.


SKS Girls Rugby


Mission Statement

“Sai Kung Stingrays Rugby aims to provide an inclusive, enjoyable playing environment to foster development, sportsmanship and community in a safe and fun atmosphere.”


More girls and women are playing rugby than ever before throughout the world and Hong Kong is no exception. Sai Kung Stingrays pride themselves on their inclusivity and, as a result of this, the involvement of girls in the Club and their successes, make Sai Kung Stingrays a leader in the development of girls’ participation in the sport.



As chairman of Sai Kung Stingrays Rugby Club, I would like to welcome you to our new website and to our club. In the last few years we have been lucky enough to be going from strength to strength, both on and off the pitch.

Success can be measured in many more ways than just winning. What makes the Stingrays so special is our inclusive, community spirit and our mission to introduce more children - local and expatriate - to the wonderful sport of rugby. Although we are an English-language club, we have members of all nationalities and walks of life. In addition to our administrator, who speaks fluent English and Cantonese, there are Chinese speakers on the committee as well as among the coaches, team managers and parents in every age group, who are more than happy to help if English isn’t your first language.

Our main focus is to give each child a love of rugby in a safe, fun and friendly environment. As well as helping them to develop their skills and learn all about the game, we instill a sense of sportsmanship and team spirit at every level, enabling the budding players of today to become the young stars and rugby role models of tomorrow.

This season has seen more exciting developments. Our Netball section has expanded considerably, with more teams and fixtures. We have strengthened our ties with our premier partner, Kowloon Rugby Club, which enables us to offer a rugby development pathway from minis all the way to senior rugby and national representation.

We are also hugely proud of our girls’ rugby programme, which has become one of the strongest in Hong Kong, and the fact that we continue to host The Sai Kung Stingrays All Girls 7s Tournament. This event, held towards the end of the season, brings over 800 girls together to celebrate Girl Power! With 16 International teams attending last year, this is officially the largest girls rugby tournament on the planet!

We are an extremely fun and friendly club. As well as the weekly training and various festivals/fixtures, we also run several social events throughout the year for parents and children alike. So please come and visit us. We look forward to welcoming you to our club!

Matt Weston


In addition to our website, the club communicates via TeamSnap, a user-friendly app that enables the team managers and coaches to manage their team easily and efficiently. Weekly training information and details of upcoming fixtures are posted here, which parents and older players can easily access. It also allows instant contact between team managers, parents and players without compromising your privacy.


Please download the Team Snap app onto your phone or mobile device to allow us to easily communicate with you and vice versa. Your team manager should be able to help you if you experience any difficulties.

The Stingrays Code for Coaches, Players and Parents

Laws of Rugby

Rugby laws are in place for the protection of all rugby players. New rugby laws are introduced as a player advances in age and becomes more aware of the dynamics associated with rugby. The following guides provide in-depth knowledge of rugby laws across all the various age groups.

Click on the link to view and save/print the rules applicable to your age group.

The HKRU’s website includes laws for each age group along with some great coaching resources and videos.


As part of the club’s strategy to offer quality coaching, we have implemented the requirement that all contact age group coaches be a minimum of IRB Level 1 trained. To assist with this, we have invested in coach training sessions for both Level 1 and the follow on Coacharee certification. This is an initiative that we will look to continue to ensure that both our coaches and players have the best possible resources.

Should any member wish to take up some coaching or referee training, please contact