“Fun and enjoyment are at the core of what we do”

Stingrays Rugby Philosophy

Love for the game
To be passionate about rugby and the lessons it provides;


Treat all people fairly, respect the game and all involved.


We aim high and challenge ourselves through participation, enjoyment and inclusive participation.

We operate as a team at all times; and we accept responsibility as a whole.


To work with the wider rugby communities to improve rugby for everyone involved and strive to be increasingly inclusive to elements of the Hong Kong Community not traditionally drawn to rugby.

Stingrays Girls Section

Encourage Participation

Promote all girls to continue enjoyment elements (especially at the younger age);

Promote an inclusive attitude and language across the club to ensure inclusivity of all ability levels – understand the benefits of rugby are wide ranging and many are personality development regardless of competitive level of participation;

Share time and coaching opportunities to girls of all ability level to nurture both skills and also the ideology of participating for the love of the game;

Educate parents that rugby is truly a sport for all – gender and ability regardless;

Create female role models; incorporate U16 girls (upwards) in younger girls’ sessions;

Keep girls rugby based on FUN and develop the competitive element on top of this fundamental foundation.

Mission Statement

“Sai Kung Stingrays Rugby aims to provide an inclusive, enjoyable playing environment to foster development, sportsmanship and community in a safe and fun atmosphere.”


More girls and women are playing rugby than ever before throughout the world and Hong Kong is no exception. Sai Kung Stingrays pride themselves on their inclusivity and, as a result of this, the involvement of girls in the Club and their successes, make Sai Kung Stingrays a leader in the development of girls’ participation in the sport.


The Stingrays Code for Coaches, Players and Parents

Laws of Rugby

Rugby laws are in place for the protection of all rugby players. New rugby laws are introduced as a player advances in age and becomes more aware of the dynamics associated with rugby. The following guides provide in-depth knowledge of rugby laws across all the various age groups.

Click on the link to view and save/print the rules applicable to your age group.

The HKRU’s website includes laws for each age group along with some great coaching resources and videos.